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Northwave Evolution Photochromic - napszemüveg [fehér, dioptriázható]

Northwave Evolution Photochromic - napszemüveg [fehér, dioptriázható]

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Off-center lens
Northwave glasses have lenses with an off-center base: the axis of the focal centre is aligned with the focal centre of the eye so your eyes don’t get tired and the curvature, which provides essential protection from sunlight and insects, won’t cause any image distortion.

Polycarbonate lens
First-rate optical features, excellent impact resistance and extraordinary lightness: polycarbonate lenses also have a low refraction index and are solvent and scratch resistant.

Water Repellent Lens
Perfect visibility even when it’s raining or the lenses are wet. The lenses are treated to make them perfectly smooth so any drops of water simply slide off, leaving the surface dry and free from water prisms.

Adjustаble Nose Pads
The nose pads of the sunglasses can be adjusted to your face shape simply by applying a slight amount of pressure with the fingers




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